Car animation in Unreal

Hi there!
I’m trying to create an auto animation for a archviz video clip. I found many tutorials on how to create realistic car movement for real-time games, which I really liked, but I could not find a solution to how to create something similar and animate it in the sequencer. In the end, I decided to animate the body of the car and each wheel separately in separate static meshes, but this was also not a good idea, since there is no way to set the pivot exactly in the center of the wheel to create the rotation animation. Of course, it is possible to do this by eye and in the end it will achieve a result, but it seems to me that there is a more convenient way about which I simply did not find information. I’m leaning towards the last option - to create animation in a third-party program, and load the car already ready-made, but this may result in some misalignment.
Can someone tell me the best way to animate a car with rotating and turning wheels ?