Capturing Movies With Matinee


As a new user of UE4, over the past few months I have devoured countless tutorials. A lot of knowledge is out there, but there are a few holes in my understanding of the specific task I’m working on: capturing movies in UE4 with Matinee movie mode/capture.

I’m a filmmaker/musician, and am creating scenes in UE4 and capturing them with Matinee to then later edit them together in Adobe Premiere.

So far I’ve created an alien water planet level and am having difficulty with the workflow of building out the level and having it work properly in the movie capture mode within Matinee. Some meshes and materials disappear and in capture mode the level turns greyscale. It’s very clear I’m missing some crucial steps here, possibly with the blueprints, and/or building the level and lighting, I’m not sure. I’ve been hunting for tutorials that cover this specifically, but the ones I’ve found are too general and not in-depth enough. If anyone has any direct experience or insight with this let me know. Any links to helpful tutorials would be eternally appreciated.



Personally, I never use movie capturing. I render out image sequences from Matinee. This is how I render out work whether I’m working on cinematics for games or personal projects. That is what I recommend.

This is what you want to do:

This way you will have an image sequence that is at the highest quality. tale that into something like Premiere Pro or AfterEffects, etc. and complete your project.

Can you post screenshots of those problems you are encountering please? And tell us about the light source and post process settings you are using.

What about sounds though?

With image sequences can you control the frame rate or is it fixed?

Atm matinee is not abel to record sound -> you will have to record it with another program :frowning:

Defs go with rendering out image sequences versus a movie.