CaptainMigraine's Dynamic FOV Blueprint

Hi everyone, just wanted to show off a blueprint I made called Dynamic FOV. To be fair, I started off searching google for a way to force UE4 to use vertical FOV instead of horizontal FOV… and someone suggested recalculating FOV based on viewport dimensions.

From that point, I decided to use “Map Range” to change the FOV dynamically based on aspect ratio. This is definitely not the best implementation, and is a neat proof of concept. This essentially mimics vertical FOV.

This is useful for people with ultra wide monitors or even multi monitor setups. Granted, this wouldn’t be the ideal solution for competitive games where the increased FOV gives certain players a huge advantage, so this should probably be used in games where FOV doesn’t present a competitive edge.

Here’s a video of my end results:

I do have a more sophisticated version (Not shown in the video) that changes FOV for extremely high FOV situations. This prevents the FOV from stretching wildly at very wide resolutions.

To further improve this, camera angle would have to change along with the FOV… but that’s not really FOV related.

Let me know what you guys think!

-Neil (CaptainMigraine)