Capsule component disconnected from main mesh?

Hello everybody!

I’m a very newbie and have a problem with my character.

I’ve created a new blueprint based on Character BP.
I don’t want to use the default capsule component so I put “no collision” on “collision preset” (instead of “spawn”).
Then I enabled the physics to my main mesh. And it works, now my character is colliding correctly with the ground.

The problem is that my camera is now passing throw the ground and falling down.
I guess it’s because my camera is following my capsule component that is now falling down.
I print string node on my capsule Z location, I can effectively see the value is decreaaaaasing…

How can I fix that ? I want to keep my capsule sticked with my mesh, but don’t want to use his shape for collision.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Any idea what could be wrong ??