Capping speed of a ship

I’m making a flight sim, and want to cap the speed of the player’s ship. Is the best thing to do just to turn up the lateral resistance? That’s what I did for the thrusters to keep it from spiraling out of control. Is there a way to set the top speed in the blueprints?

I don’t know your specific setup or blueprint, but try if the “Get Velocity” node spits out some values by hooking up a print node up to it. If it does, you can read it out from there and store it in a variable. Then you could use something along the lines of:
if (GetVelocity)< 500 = false, don’t add new speed to your space vessel.

500 is just an arbitrary limit/speed limit I choose for my example :).

If you have a button pressed, I would hook that statement behind it (atleast before the logic, where you add speed to your vessel).

Also look for blueprint functions (ie float graph that you can read values from). You can map speed in some range, read value from function and apply it to drag or other means you are using to limit speed. Such graph function gives much more control than pure math.