Canvas cannot draw UMaterialInstanceDynamic

Hate to be redundant, but I’ve already posted this question in Answer hub and I couldn’t get any solution, so I’m posting it here again in chance that someone could provide any other clues.

Basically, I’ve been getting completely black texture result from Canvas drawing UMaterialInstanceDynamic. It’s rendering fine with UMaterialInstanceConstant and all. Here’s the code I used:

//----------------OnInit()--------------- //
UMaterialInterface* nMat= Cast’(StaticLoadObject(UMaterialInterface::StaticClass(), NULL, path));
if (nMat) T = UMaterialInstanceDynamic::Create(nMat, this);

//----------------- OnRender()------------------------- //
if (T) Canvas->K2_DrawMaterial( T, …);

(Canvas cannot draw UMaterialInstanceDynamic - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums)

Can someone share some light on this?


ps. And yes, I’ve using emissive channel for this.