Cant't change default value of an AudioComponent variable

Greetings everyone :slight_smile:

This is my first time posting on forums so i apologize if i did it in a wrong place. I am complete beginner in UE4 and i started working on my little project so i can get to know UE4 better.
With that said, my question is, why can’t i change default value for AudioComponent variable?
I searched and read many forums and topics regarding that. I understand that AudioComponent variable needs a reference, but when i try and search for reference to add browse window comes up totally empty every time.
I would like to reference a sound effect. I tried making component blueprint of it, and class blueprint of it but whatever i do browse window for changing default value of variable comes up empty.
I believe this is kinda silly beginner question but for the life of me i cant figure out whats going on, so any help or just push in a right direction would be much appreciated :slight_smile: