Can't tune collison

I got a character. At character fists i add two sphere collision

This is sphere collision options

This is character mesh collision options
(also i tried set OverlapAll on Mesh and fists collision, but result is same).

This is PhysicsAsset of my character

This is collision in game

When i trying punch the second character i get something strange:

For debug used PrintString which output the names of overlaped objects Y3mhm1C.png

  1. Punch at right side [video][/video]
  2. Punch at center [video][/video]
  3. Punch to the left [video][/video]

What i’m doing wrong?

Make the collision objects (hands and character capsule) ingame visible, and you’ll see whats happening:

The hands are colliding with your character collision capsule (Thats the round big thing called “CapsuleComponent”) when going back to the body, thats why you’ll get the message for your own character.
In Picture 3 you’ll get 3 Messages (1x own character because see above, 2x other character) because the hand is punching “through” the collision capsule.
I guess.

Probably i asked wrong question.)) In third GIF i punched off target but still hitted the second character, that’s confusing me more.

Thats probably because your mesh gets pushed outside of the capsule because of physic.
Please make the Capsule and spheres visible and try it again / record it again.


This thread can close. All this magic because of my carelessness. Collisions of the fists named incorrectly(i swapped them).