Can't submit pull requests to UE4 GitHub source

I made some minor modifications to the engine source code and I think it would be valuable to the rest of the community. I tried to submit a pull request for the UE4 source code, but I get the following error:

Is this the intent? Am I following the right process for submitting pull requests to Epic for inclusion in the next engine update?

You cannot push commits directly to the UE4 repo. Make a fork for yourself and commit to a branch on that.

Is there any instructions or tutorial about submitting pull requests for UE4 repository on GitHub? I believe forking of repository is not required because I checked pages of some pull request authors and most of them doesn’t have UE4 repository forks. Is it really possible to submit changes without making a fork?

It’s just as Fury said, you cannot push commits directly to the UE4 repo. You have to fork it, make your change, and submit a pull request.

Some of the authors may work for Epic and thus they don’t need to fork in order to submit changes.

Thank you very much for fast response.

I wrote a small hint sheet for submitting a pull request - Trello, probably it could be useful for somebody. Thanks to Rama for initial instructions he provided to me :slight_smile: