Can't start event overlap between components

Hi, I’m having some trouble figuring out how to use an overlap event between two components inside an actor class blueprint… a door StaticMesh and a Collision box. It looks like this:


It’s not working and I’ve tried a lot of stuff, like using something else like a basic shape instead of a Box Collision, using OnComponentHit, EventActorBeginOverlap, trying to get the to pull the == node from ‘Other Actor’, checking ‘Generate Overlap Events’ in both actors…

The ‘Add Force’ works if I just plug the Event Tick into it, so the problem is not there. The door is not the root component, so the collision box is not rotating along with the door. The Add Force node works if I connect directly to it, so the problem is not there.

I’m really confused and I’d appreciate any help.

Over have begin overlap on static mesh.

Use your Trigger box unless you mesh has no collision.


For a door, I would do this.