Cant sign in with google. Cant access my account at all

I have used reality capture on a steam licence for the last year or so and have processed over 15 models some including over 2000 images for clients around the world. Now after moving to a PPI licence I am beginning to have HUUUUGE issues.


(1) I cant reproject texture. Every time I try it gives an “the application has run out of memory” error despite never getting anywhere near filling up either the ram GPU or SSD. 

(2) I have been attempting to try it on another computer but it wont let me open the project on another machine!!!. This is nuts as it means that if my machine fails my entire project is lost. This is a huuge issue for me as some projects take place over several weeks while traveling through several countries.

(3) Now I cant even sign in to my account to access my points to export after recreating the project on another PC. After clicking sign in with google (As I did the first time when I created the account) it simply gives me a 403 error in the browser and will not go any further. Nothing I do will let me in any sign into my account (which is google activated ( Im stuck and am considering just purchasing more points and scrapping my old account but there is a significant amount of points still attached to that account. There is also a significant amount of activated images attached to previous and unfinished projects that I would have to pay to reactivate.


Im a bit stuck as I have a project for a client that I have finished and now they are requesting a smaller OBJ model suitable to upload to sketchfab which I am unable to create for them at the software crashes every time I use the upload to sketchfab function or try to reproject texture. And now I cant even sign in to my account so cant export anything at all! The client is now getting frustrated with me as they have paid me a lot of money and this sketchfab model is one of the deliverables.


I would really appreciate any help with this. Would anyone be able to simplify a 22m obj with 11 16k textures down to a sketchfab model size just to solve my immediate problem? That would allow me to take my time and solve this problem without losing a valuable client. I have tried to use meshlab but it cant handle the size of the textures.

I have used the steam version for years without issue




This issue is being resolved in a support ticket.