Can't set Blackboard key bool from level blueprint

Basically, I need to set up a Bool blackboard key ‘IsInShadow’ that will change to ‘true’ when the player overlaps with a trigger volume in the level (which represents a shadowed area).

I need the Enemy AI to be able to get this Bool in its behavior tree service to tell it to ignore the player when they are overlapping the trigger volume.

I cannot set the bool from the Level blueprint. When I play, it stays at ‘false’ on the Blackboard wheather the player is overlapping the trigger volume or not.

Is there no way to do this from the level blue print?

Hi Ashblood,

Instead of doing this, what I would do is (assuming you are using a trace by channel), set the trace to check for a specific channel (pawn, for instance, or visibility). That channel should be set to block originally to pick up the trace, but when the player is in shadow simply switch the channel to ignore. Once they exit shadow you can reset the trace channel to block so that they can be seen by your AI.