Can't set audio pitch to zero?

Hello, I was wondering if we will ever be able to set the audio pitch to zero or even negative in unreal engine? I really need this for my car transmission gears, thank’s…

0 pitch wouldn’t work in any context – that’s essentially a DC-offset when playing back an audio buffer.

Negative pitch can’t work with realtime decoding of sound sources so won’t ever be a default feature for any playing sound, but can be done if you have the entirely decoded PCM data of a buffer. It’s possible that you could use negative pitch as a flag to indicate to fully decode a sound source (and not do realtime decoding), but that would get quite complex from a work-flow and engine architecture standpoint.

However, this is actually supported currently with the Synth Component Wave Table object. This basically loads up a sound wave into a “wave table” and lets you arbitrarily scrub through it or playback at any rate (forward or backward). Still doesn’t do 0-pitch technically, but you can go a delta above or below 0.


Thank’s for the helpful response!