Can't seem to figure out how to fix this broken blueprint :(

Hi, I’ve been set a task to fix a broken blueprint and unfortunately I can’t figure out how to complete the task indicated within the comments. If anyone could explain what the problem is with the blueprint, I would appreciate that. :slight_smile:
The SpaceInvader moves left and right like it’s supposed to, but once the flip flop has executed both A and B inputs the timeline isn’t updating anymore…it seems like the timeline has a finished output rather than an updated output. There are other issues with the blueprint such as the if statement section, I can’t seem to figure that out either.

All of your timelines are hooked up to the “Play” input node
Try hooking them all up to the “Play from Start” node instead

Thanks, that’s seemed to have fixed the issue I was having. Could you explain why I would use “play from start” rather than “play”? I always seem to get these mixed up for some reason. :frowning:

well, as far as I know it
say first time you play the timeline, it works fine, it plays from the start, and stops at the end

when you play again, it’s still at the end

so you have to tell it to play from start again

Thanks for the explanations, makes a lot more sense now. :slight_smile: Quick question: I’m trying to make the lights turn red after the player has activated all the lights. I thought it worked perfectly, but the player can keep reentering the trigger volume adding +1 to the float variable. I only want this to be done once, I don’t want the value of the variable to keep going up from when the player enters the same trigger volume over and over again. If the player enters the same trigger volume 5 times, it will make that singular light red, rather than you having to enter all trigger volumes to make all the lights turn red. I hope that makes sense. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I did try using a “DoOnce” node, which made the variable only count +1 per trigger, but it only made the 5th light turn red rather than all the lights.

56859684dcb369b15d6e5e399397d0b9d8c03f6c.jpeg Here’s an image to show what I’ve been attempting to do. I’ve realized that the set visibility for the end overlap is set to true, it should be false. Either way, I’m still having the same issue.

I would add “DoOnce” node, and at the end of the code call a custom event, that changes the color of the light. “get all actors of class”(that would be your bp with light) -> grab array, and Call “custom event”.