Cant Seem to add to an array of floats

Greetings! Tried this both in C++ and now in visual scripting, i want to add a list of floats to an array and then print them out to a text file. Been trying this but all i get is a 0 and nothing seems to be getting added to my array despite the nodes after this working !

Added a for each at the end to print what i was seeing (for debugging) but to no avail

What am i doing wrong as its not working in C++ or Blueprints.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Also while i am here is there a note to output a text file or is that only possible in C++, saw some documentation for it but i am no there yet with my data miner system.
Just trying to log the time my participants โ€˜selectโ€™ a target in the experiment.

Thank you