Can't save after making an object

I made an object variable, and now i cannot save for some reason.
I tried to delete it and then i was able to save.

and another thing, when I tried to get a value out of another blueprint, it didn’t work.
I made a condition that if the value is bigger then 0 then it’s true, and the value is 100, but it still thought it was equel or less then 0.


I would suggest posting screenshots to give a better idea as to what is happening.

Hi Liamap,

Can you post this to the AnswerHub in the “Bug” section? Post with as much detail as possible to help us reproduce the issue and see if this is in fact a bug or other issue.

Once posted this can be assigned to one of our support team. Also, make sure to post a link to your AnswerHub post here for coverage in case someone else is having a similar issue.

Thank you!


It had something to do with the blueprint i made, not a bug.
thanks for the help.