Can't run my VR UE4 project at VR Oculus Rift DK2

Hi everyone

I really need your help, because don’t know what to
In order:

I had UE4 v4.12 an Oculus Rift Runtime for DK2 v4.4.2 for Windows 7 Laptop and latest for Windows 10 PC (to avoid questions, I tried to install different versions)

I’m developing project for VR, and problem is to run it in VR( Game is works just fine, but at regular screen mod, not in VR mod)
VR preview in UE4 works as should, and, also, some downloaded game from internet which support VR works fine in VR mod
But when I’m packing project after that my game won’t to work in VR:(

I’ll be very grateful for any help, information, or hint

P.S. I was using that tutorial