Can't run build - Failed to open descriptor file error!

Hi there!

I would really really appreciate some hints on what could be going wrong here!
There’s a copy post here but it seems to have been forgotten

Is says this,

I am not able to run my development packaged game over a shared folder. Ie I am trying to run it on a computer that is not itself hosting the packaged directory, but instead using a shared folder structure for the packaged project.

I keep getting this "Failed to open descriptor file. ‘…/…/PROJECTNAME.uproject’ error message.

I have checked both the .exe files and they are correctly named projectname.exe. I see people in other threads being asked to rename these but that will not work for me as they are already correctly named.

Btw, this is a Blueprint only project, no c++.

What do I need to do to be able to run the game?

Cheers Fredrik