can't replicate how the grappling hook works

I am trying to expand on the idea of the use of grappling hook, mainly to add functionality to a gun.
I can make a gun use grappling hook, but when I do so, it shoots the grappling hook, then goes into a reloading anim, and I can’t reel in or out. If I press “C”, it unhooks …
I am trying to make it reusable/infinite ammo.

I have gone through the PrimalAmmo_GrapplingHook and WeapCrossbow_Grappling and ProjGrapHook that is referenced for the grappling hook, but I can’t find anywhere where it’s set up to be able to reel in and out. I would have thought somewhere it would be referenced to use left and right mouse button to reel, and “C” to unhook. But I can’t find this anywhere.
So I ask for help people. Could someone please help me understand how this is connected? This is probably way to advanced for me still … but I really want to understand how this works, so I can try and use this/work on this further.