Can't remove foliage instance over network 4.10

Hi there.

So I have a system in my game where a player can ‘hit’ a foliage object and it will remove that foliage object and replace it with a blueprint actor - I use this for chopping down trees.

I’ve had it in place for a few versions and it’s been working just fine. I have to call a Multicast function from the server to tell the clients to remove the instance of the foliage.

‘Fell Tree’ is the function that I call, and this is being executed from the server side (Ignore the other stuff).

And here is the ‘Fell Tree’ function itself. Very simple. It’s multi-cast and reliable.

So, with all that said, the problem I’ve been having after updating to 4.10 is that for whatever reason, the ‘Instanced Mesh’ always comes back as Not Valid in the Fell Tree function on the client side. If I’m playing the server, it works just fine, and removes the instance. I do an IsValid check before I call FellTree, and the instanced mesh that I’m calling the function on is most certainly valid - but it somehow fails to stay valid by the time it’s transferred to the client.

There have been a couple of other little issues with foliage instances this patch (like disappearing foliage, which I came up with a quick little fix for so it’s not a problem) so I’m not sure if they’re all inter-related, or if there’s some other issue preventing me from doing this. Just to re-iterate, it was working fine over the network as recently as 4.9, and only after updating to 4.10 has the problem come about.

If anyone knows a way I could adjust to fix this problem I would appreciate hearing about it! Otherwise, if it can be reported as a bug and hopefully fixed next patch that would also be good.

Ok. No idea how this happened, but suddenly this stopped being a problem. I just opened up my project today without changing anything, and now the instances are successfully removed. So problem is resolved now, at least I think, although I have no answer as to why (unless the UE4 people made some kind of a stealth bugfix but who knows)

Yeah mine is the same, it’s very inconsistent in how it works.

I would love if an Epic Staff could look into this and see if there is a more consistent way to have it work properly.