can't play video in material

apologies, i’m an amateur & trying to learn. been stuck trying to fix this for weeks now.

i downloaded a template & am working my way through it to make my own game. at the minute, when you finish the arcade mode it shows a “congratulations” image which i’d like to change to a video (with credits). i imported a test video & made a material, changed it in the widget settings, but when i hit compile it reverts back to the image. there’s a data table with which you can change the congratulations image, but it won’t let me change it to the video material. i’ve added some images in case i didn’t explain well enough.

i know this is an unusual & specific issue to have, but if anyone can help or at least point me in the right direction i’ll be eternally grateful.

thank you.

so i got this resolved with the help of chatgpt. i had to go into the blueprint structure for the data table & change the option from 2d texture to a media texture. then with a bit of tweaking in a widget blueprint it was all sorted.

i’ve learned a bit today, but i’m still an amateur. on with more learning lol