Can't place spline on landscape

I’m trying to place a spline on my landscape. The landscape is one of three, I can place splines on the other two but not this one for some reason. When I isolate it in its own level it still won’t allow it. Can I send it to someone at Epic to check out?

Got it, the landscape is in a sublevel. Surely this is a bug?

I encountered this question when I ran into the same issue messing around with the Kite Demo. I was able to resolve this once I set the level with the Landscape and Landscape Splines you want to interact with as the Current Level. It seems like only the Landscape Splines in the level set to the current one permit interaction on the splines.

真是太感谢了,我点击开landscape所在的level,然后编辑landscape的spline就完全可以了。太棒了。哈哈,love you so much!