Can't package project

I finished a project that I had been working on for several months. About a month ago I packaged the project for the sake of checking the optimization.
Now I finished the project and wanted to package, but I got an error.
I have googled the error, tried most of the solutions and nothing seems to work.
I cleaned the cache, deleted the Saved and Intermediate folders, created a new project, transferring only the Content folder, etc. Nothing helped

I would ask this question on AnswerHub, but when I login, my entire site stops working.

I will upload a packaging logPackageLog.txt (58.1 KB)

Элемент с тем же ключом уже был добавлен.
An item with the same key has already been added.

are you check this?

I found the cause of the problem.
f**king houdini plugin. Are almost all plugins disabled in the project? No, I will be in conflict anyway. I just removed it from the plugins in the engine folder and it helped