Cant Package My BluePrint Project

I made a game but when i try to package it for development stage,
I get this message on the outpt log and i searched but cant find anything for blueprint, all i find is c++,
If you could help i would be so happy.

[link text][1]

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Here is the error you’re running in to:

MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): CommandEnvironment.SetupBuildEnvironment: WARNING: ERROR: NOTE: Please ensure that 64bit Tools are installed with DevStudio - there is usually an option to install these during install
MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): CommandEnvironment.SetupBuildEnvironment: WARNING: Assuming no compilation capability.

You should be able to resolve your issue by reviewing this [AnswerHub post][1].

Let me know if this does not resolve your issue, thanks!

"Failed to generate code project..." 64bit Tools - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

That didnt work, i have added both FrameworkDir=xyz and FrameworkVersion=1 to my environment variables but didnt fix it :confused:

Thanks for letting me know that didn’t work.

How about checking your Visual Studio Installation? Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Visual Studio > Change/Modify and select the Modify option. This should list some components that may or may not be installed currently.

Try to match yours up to these:



I don’t have visual studio installed…do I need it?

Yes, you can get Visual Studio Community from their website. It’s free. Just make sure you read the EULA in case you’re developing a game you’re wanting to sell.


Thank you, after downloading and installing visual studio community I can package my project. I’m curious about how I would be able to use visual studio and be able to sell my game if it ever came to that or if I made a better project. Is it the pro version that would allow me to sell my game without breaking the EULA?

You’ll need to read the End License Agreement from Visual Studio to see how you can sell your game if you’re using the Community version of their software. You may have just simply need to purchase Visual Studio.

I’m glad you’re able to package now. Good luck. :slight_smile: