Can't Package in 4.18.1

My game will not package in UE 4.18.1 due to a missing UE4-LoginFlow.lib in the Online Framework plugin.

Trying to package even a blank project and including this plugin results in a packaging error.

Are you using the source version of the engine? Try to give us as much info as possible but within reason.

I just packaged a blank project with Online Framework plugged-in.

Are you using the Github version of UE4? I’ve never used the Online Framework but in general, online development requires that. The UE4 you download from the launcher will not work.

Yeah, this is using a source build, but I imagine that launcher builds have the same issue.

I have created a custom plugin (this is a code project), and the OnlineFramework plugin is listed as a dependency in my .uplugin file.

When I do that and try to package the project, the game states that I’m missing the UE4-LoginFlow.lib - which has never been an issue before.

I didn’t need to alter the source files to get it to build. Did you enable the plugin in the editor? (Edit->Plugins menu option)

Edit: Oh, looks like the checkbox just adds the same thing to the uproject file. Maybe try 4.18.0? That’s what I’m using.

I just came across this post; This should be resolved in 4.18.2. If any of you are still experiencing this issue, please let me know.