Can't open shootergame example with custom engine build

Option 1:

  • run the RegisterShellCommands.bat batch file. That will register a Windows shell extension that allows you to right-click any .uproject file and select Generate Visual Studio Files

Option 2:

  • open the project in Unreal Editor, then go to File → Refresh Visual Studio Project

We are currently working on making this process easier.

What is the crash you’re getting for Generate Visual Studio Files?

I have an engine built from source (4.0.1), and while I attempt to open the ShooterGame example project, I get this error:


I assume I would need to rebuild the project source code in order for it to run on my engine binaries. However, while I can find source files in project folder, there are no solution or vs project files. What should I do? I really would not want to download one more UE4 instance just to open this example project.

Well I can not open project in UEditor, as it shows the error which I attached to my initial post. When I click on “generate visual studio files”, on the other hand, I get the crash.

This is everything I got with the crash report: