Can't open infiltrator demo

Hey, I’m not sure if this belongs here but is anyone else having this problem? When I try to open the demo, everything goes fine til it gets to 95% loaded. Then my cpu and ram use gets to near 100% and it doesn’t get any higher than 95%. I’m trying to open it in 4.9.1 and in case the problem is my hardware, I’m running:
GTX 970
8gb 1600 ram
1tb 5400 HDD

You need to give it time, its compiling shaders and textures and such, some people have reported it has taken 1 hour to 2 hours to load once it hits 95%, for me it took about 30 mins. So just be patient and leave it.

K, thanks. I had it open for at least an hour but I guess I’ll let it run longer next time.

You dont have a lot of memory, so it’ll be doing a lot of swapping, At the peek, the engine was using 16gb of memory during the load, since it has to swap out memory for you, its going to take even longer. After everything is loaded, it should only use around 4gb of memory in editor.

ok cool, good to know. I was considering buying another 8gb stick of ram when I saw it shoot up to 100% usage for the first time lol