Can't make Components forced to move together?

Hello, I am working on a project in UE4.26.2. I am using the experimental Water plugins because I’m very new to this stuff and don’t know how to make a system like that myself. I am currently have a really hard time getting the “Buoyancy” system to work correctly. The second I have more than 2 Buoy’s the Blueprint Actor suddenly no longer collides with the water. I tried making my own Actors with my own models and buoy’s, and none of them worked. I even recreated the Example BP they gave exactly and my version did not work.

Now as a sort of “work Around” I thought I could use the Example BP Buoy within another blueprint, using them as invisible Buoy’s parented to my mesh. But for some reason I cannot seem to get any of the components within the Actor to “Stick” together. once I simulate, all the pieces just fly apart. I have tried Auto-Weld, I have tried various different ways to parent the components to each other. Is there a way to FORCE components to move as one singular object?/