Can't Make 4.10 Copy

Hi there. I’ve got a project which I’ve been wanting to upgrade to 4.10, so I start up the 4.10 and click make a copy for the project - which was in 4.9.

It makes the copy and loads for a long time, but then gives me an error message:

I’ve installed VS 2015, installed the common tools option for it, and also installed Windows SDK 8.1, but I’m still getting this error.

It’s particularly frustrating because my project doesn’t even use C++, I just one time made something with C++ in it as an experiment and then deleted it after, but now it’s needing VS to compile and adding this extra burden. If there’s a way I could fix the error that I’m getting that would be great - otherwise, is there a way for me to take my 4.9 project and un-link the compiler with visual studio so it’s just reliant on blueprints and I don’t need to face this error?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey I’ve managed to resolve this for myself. But in case anyone else comes across this issue…

I’ve got an SVN set up for my project, so I’ve been able to work on it both on my laptop and on my desktop and making revisions and such like that as I go (have the SVN for other reasons but this is just a bonus).

I re-installed VS 2015 and checked all of the stuff for visual C++ code and whatnot that it mentions, and got it to work on my laptop. I did the same on my desktop and was still getting this error, not sure why. But in the end I managed to update it to 4.10 on my laptop and commit the change via SVN repository, so on my desktop I just updated my copy through the repo and bypassed the process of upgrading the project to 4.10 which was what was causing the problem.