Cant login to my Epic account from Quixel in Unreal Engine 5

When i type my email address i cant display the @ symbol, i have tried with all the keys of my keyaboard and no, just no @ symbol so i cannot loggin with my Epic account, neither Facebook or Gmail, nothing. Please help im on Arch Linux and i cannot copy and paste the symbol. I cannot use Metahumans neither Marketplace, in the marketplace the assets cant be opened in my Linux / Unreal Engine application so i cant enjoy this release. Also in Linux there is no Launcher not that i know, so its difficult to access to my assets.

Is Unreal Tournament 4 forum dead? Because I can’t login.

They have problems with almoust all loggins

The problem still exists. I use the Unreal Engine 5.1.0, it is not possible to type the @ symbol, copy is unfortunately also not possible. I use Manjaro.