Can't Load Interger from save game UE4.27

Hi everyone, so I got a little problem with saving and loading Interger for my food water and health system so every time I load into the game it just reset it back to 100
here is the code


here are the save game object


I hope someone can help me

You forgot to create a savegame ref when it’s a new save game…

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On the begin play?

When you make it

I did create a save game ref
but it still it didn’t load the integer numbers
it just set it to 100
2022-04-06 18-17-42.mkv (9.3 MB)

Are you by any chance getting ‘referenced none’ errors when you stop playing?

No I don’t

Here’s a save game 101:

If you do it like this, it will work.

I can’t see anything in particular wrong with your code.


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