Can't load int variables from game slot

Hello, i’m trying to access a int value that i’m saving to my game slot at the beginning of my game (without any problem) and then display that value at the UI, but for some reason when i try to cast my load game from slot to my custom PlayerStage_BP (parent class SaveGame) the cast always failing and i don’t know why. But for some reason i can save/get strings without any problem.

Note: My custom class contains only a integer variable named currentStage

Here i’m trying to get the value:

And here i’m saving the value (without any problem, the slot is creating without problems)

Are u sure it saves well :question: Have you tried adding a print string to the cast fail (when u gonna create it) and another to the return value of your return value of save game to slot (so u know if it saves it correct or not)

yes i tried what you say otherwise i wouldn’t say it saves properly

Ok, and there’s no diference in the slot name right (mabye a final space)

No, it was the first thing I checked

Do u use the “does save game exist” before creating the save game object class :question:

Yes, and I they exists I don’t create the new slot

That’s weird, can u load game from other place (like character or level) :question: maybe is a bug with widgets

Yes, I can load strings without any problem, but not integer’s

It only fails with integer variables :question: