Can't Line trace BSP brushes after converting them to Static Mesh

Hi All,

I’m doing a “Line Trace For Objects” on my left mouse click.
The “Return Value” comes “True” for as long as I trace a BSP brush, but once I convert the BSP brush to a Static Mesh, it returns false.

I’ve looked everywhere for this and can’t find anything.
I’ve seen people suggesting to have a blocking volume over it, but due to my project, Volume blacks won’t help.
This is because I need to trace the object, check if it has a certain Tag, and change something on the object (materials for example).

Any ideas?

Many Thanks

Does the mesh have any collision?

I found the solution actually,
I have no idea why, but Line Trace For Objects doesn’t work, but Line Trace By Channel does. And this only works if you check “Trace Complex” to true.

Now I have 1 questions:

  1. Why can’t I trace for objects and only channel?
  2. Why do I need to check “Trace Complex” when the object is a simple box?

Yes, the mesh always had collision, but it’s very strange, I found the solution (must be trace by channel, with “Trace Complex” ticked, but I don’t understand why?

Actually my bad, for whatever reason, after you convert a BSP brush to a static mesh it removes the collision and you need to re-add it.

the simple collision shape is calculated based on trimesh,sometimes the simple shape is none,so “Trace Complex” should be checked