Can't Launch nor Package for HTML5 (github UE4.24.3 ver)

I’m losing my mind at this point. Been trying to get the github version to work. Already installed and uninstalled, checked and reinstalled emsdk and emscripten numerous times. I’ve got to finally get it to start launching or packaging ( instead of just opening the html5 page) and I now have these numerous errors that I have no idea how to solve. If you can I could really use some help. I attach the logs to both the launch and package failure.

I’d like to clarify that this is a default first person shooter example with no extra content.

LaunchFail.txt (106.7 KB)
packageFail.txt (144.0 KB)

Ok, so far I managed to find that, for some reason, it adds SE before any flags it needs or it uses a different kind of variable (GLfloat instead of double, etc.). I’m not sure if i should move the cpp files, of if the problem actually comes elsewhere.

ProjectLauncher.log (27.2 KB)