Can't Include source files "Px.h" and too many other includes to count. As well as a random syntax error within the PlayerController.h file UE 4.26.2

[EDIT] I used the IWYU method and I included the files that I thought were necessary within the Directory and within the includes that I had used there are errors pertaining to the same files that I had included using the include directory. I had just included the foundation folder in the physics core and still these error are within the include files I had linked within the directory.

I can’t include “Px.h” and other source files as well within the PxIncludes.h file within the Unreal Engine Game framework folder. I don’t know what to do here there are too many includes that need to be fixed there has to be a way to get rid of these errors without have to include file path directories there are too many to count.

For some reason errors are happening in this PlayerController.h Header file and I am getting missing include errors, all of these problems are from just from updating the engine from 4.26 to 4.26.1… I just updated an engine version from 4.26 to 4.26.1…now it is 4.26.2. I am now updating to see if the issue might gets resolved through updates. I don’t know if I had accidentally deleted something or the update just killed my project. Any help would be greatly appreciated here.


I had just linked these files within the include directory and still the problem persists with redundant include errors within the include files.

To give a better idea I opened the project via the launcher. Even if I had opened this project via the launcher.

If possible could someone scroll down to their player controller in the game framework folder within the 4.26.1 (Now UE 4.26.2) Engine install location and we can compare.

I have tried the following above but the tutorial link has deprecated.
I also went to this link within the link.