cant have ADS and hitanimations at the same time

So i’ve set up a shooter game where i can shoot NPC’s (AI’bots), and depending on what bone I hit the NPC plays a certain animation. I.e, if I shoot him in both of his legs he can’t run anymore and goes into a “zombie crawl” animation.

I’ve also set up a aim down sights animation, so that if I click right mouse button my character brings up his weapon, and the FOV zooms in a bit on the ironsights.

The problem is that I can’t seem to have both of these things. If I have my animBP like this in the pic below, I can injure the NPC and the NPC goes into his different animation depending on the bone I hit, and my FOV gets updated when I right click, but my character doesnt bring up his weapon.

It must have something to do with the sequencer node? Here is what happens after the “then 0” on the sequencer: