can't get weapon to attach to character and gives error

i’ve been trying to figure this out for over a day and can’t figure it out on my own. i made a m-16 looking gun in blender. imported it into unreal. i am using version 4.7.1 of the engine. i add the socket and get the gun looking good in the hands. while i am working on my own character i am just using the animation starter pack character. i add the gun into the level and edit the level blueprint. hit play and nothing gun just floats. when i exit i get the following error

Error Accessed None ‘CallFunc_GetPlayerCharacter_ReturnValue’ from node Attach Actor to Component in blueprint Minimal_Default

I was just following a you tube tutorial to get how to set up the bp and every one i found had it set up this way (see pic) but they were also on older versions. i thought i did something with the importing of my gun model so i tried to just attach something to the socket and everything spits out the same error and nothing attaches. i’ve been able to figure everything out when i encounter a problem but this straight has me stumped. i am still pretty new to this but a lot of stuff is clicking with me pretty well.

and of course within a little bit of posting i think i have it figured out. the error was only happening in simulate mode and i don’t know why. ran it without simulation mode and gun disappeared. also when i moved i got thrown around. turned off collision and it stopped. gun didn’t disappear. it was just attaching to the character and was scaled down super tiny. thought there was a weird dot where the gun was and figured that out. i did have to scale up the gun rather large to get it to attach to the character at a normal size but that’s got to be something i did with the scaling in blender when i exported it.

Just a tip. Import the rifle from the shootergame demo into blender, scale your rifle to the size of it then do the rest as you did before after deleting the shootergame weapon. :slight_smile: … Should save you some time.

oh yeah i didn’t think about that. well though i am doing a side scroller so my weapons need to be a lot smaller than probably what the shooter game’s model is.