Can't get Vive into stereo mode in certain maps

I’m finding it impossible to get two of the three levels in my program to render in stereo on the headset. There are three levels total: The first is a space-with-floating-menu type level and stereo works perfectly here. It is important to know that this menu level was created after the other two, and the stereo works perfectly in it. The other two cannot render in stereo no matter what I do. Also, stereo works correctly for all 3 levels when I’m using my CV1 Oculus Rift; it’s only the Vive where it breaks down.

My first thought is that something happened between maybe 4.6 or 4.7 when I started making this (I think that’s when I made the two non-stereo maps) and 4.11 that caused stereo to break upon upgrade. I believe I created the Menu map in 4.9.

Anyone have any thoughts? This is driving me absolutely insane and obviously renders my program completely useless to a Vive.


PS. I know about the enable HMD node, the stereo on console command, etc. I don’t believe this has anything to do with blueprint as I’ve checked there extensively.