Can't get vehichle blueprint tutorial to work (new user)

I’m brand new to UE4 and have no background in coding/programming. I’m trying to run this vehicle tutorial Unreal has on Youtube:Vehicles: Overview & Car Setup | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

I’ve tried using the model they provide with the tutorial and my own simple model from Blender and am having the same problem regardless of the mesh I use.

The physics asset simulates correctly.

When I set the default pawn class and start the game it spawns correctly.

When I assign the wheel bones to the vehicle blueprint and start the game, the car ignores the wheel collision and tilts backward and sits there. The wheels are named correctly and as far as I can tell I’m doing everything the tutorial correctly. It does the same thing with the tutorial mesh.

I’ve been messing with this on my free time for about 3 weeks and feel like I can’t go any further without solving this simple problem first. If it makes any difference, the tutorial is for UE4.2, and I’m on UE4.19.