Cant get Unreal Rigging Toolkit to work


Im desperately trying to get the Unreal Rigging ToolKit to work but I get this every time I try to create the rig.(see pic)


Hey #7,

I noticed from your screenshot that you’re on a Mac. Unfortunately, our Rigging Toolkit is not yet fully compatible with Mac yet. We are working on a port.

Check out this thread for additional info: Animation and Rigging Tools: FAQ, Known Issues and Feature Roadmap - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

-Matt W.

PS - Who does #7 work for!?!?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Aaaaaaand I just saw that you got an answer on that thread…beat me to it!!! :slight_smile:

There’s not an official build for it, buttttt I built a port of it and released it yesterday through Epic’s Github. If you check the recent posts in the ART Thread’s latest posts, you can see the instructions on how to get it.

thank you guys, I will explore :))