Can't get this blueprint to work due to a error

I’m trying to make a progress bar go down smoothly but I keep getting a error that says “blueprint runtime error accessed none trying to read property character ref from function:” then is shows list of node not working list is the
"set percent node and the branch node.

Here is the link to the blueprint I’m doing How do i implement a "ingury" system and show it on a single progress bar - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums I did alter the blueprint to have a character ref for the health variables.

Dose anyone know how to get past this? I can’t tell if it’s a bug or if I’m doing sorting wrong
I’m stuck and don’t know what to do any and all help would be appreciated.

usually that error from what i can tell would be from not having a variable set to a valid value. have you set the character reference in your script prior to what is trying to access it?

Dang I forgot to cast. Wow I’m a dummy I wasn’t casting just made the variable I completely forgot I had to cast it first I’ll cast and see if it works after that.


Thank you that was the problem this has been resolved