Can't get rid of "Texture streaming pool over" error

Hi! I’ve been having this problem since yesterday. At first I thought it made some sense because I was only using 2k png textures. So I converted all of my png textures to targa files and replaced them inside the engine. I also reduced less important textures to 1k to free up some extra space. However this didn’t fix anything. I’m not experiencing any performance issues (except for one random level which isn’t more performance intensive than any other level). I tried to write the console command “r.Streaming.PoolSize” to increase the pool size to something like 2000 but the error message still appears. It even happens in tiny levels (like inside an elevator which is a whole level only made of 4 walls, a ceiling, a door and a pad. Could this error may be some kind of bug? How can I fix this error?