Can't get my packaged project to run on the Oculus Rift (4.12.3)

Hey all. For some reason when I try to run a packaged project (4.12.3 Windows) on my rift, I can’t get it to work. The build displays fullscreen on my monitor and hitting ALT/ENTER doesn’t switch it to stereo (like it did with a 4.11 build). All I see is black in the rift no matter what I do. VR preview works fine in the editor. Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks!


In 4.12+ the only way to enter VR (outside the editor) is launching the game with -vr , or using the console command “stereo on”.

Great. Thanks KRushin…

Sorry but can you explain what you mean by launching the game with “-vr” ?
I am using 4.12 with the Vive but can’t test the packaged game.

Launching the game with a command line argument (or adding it to end of a shortcut). There are more ways to do it but here are two quick ways for testing.


thx a lot man !