cant get blood decals to work, discord and reddit cant figure it out

so I have a situation where I asked I asked and I asked how to get blood decals to show up on the wall n

I am making a horror game and it needs to be dark, and I need to have blood on the walls, so I have a decal but it wont show up unless it clicked on, when I hit play or un-select it wont show up. Is there something im missing or something im not doing? or , can this be done in unreal?

Deferred decals modify the material properties (base color, metallic, specular, roughness, normals, etc) of the underlying pixels. That wall looks to be receiving no light whatsoever, so no wonder the decal isn’t showing up.

if you want a decal to show up in the dark you need to plug your texture into emissive colour too.