Can't get a handle on replication

I’m trying to get one player to light a torch and have all players see that it is lit.

I’ve worked on this for a while and can’t sort it out. I’ve tried many different variations in hopes of stumbling upon a solution, but alas no luck.

Could someone point out my mistakes?

The current state of my non-working (the torch will light but only for the player that ignites it) code:

Solution is called “remote procedure call”.
You are trying to replicate from client to server then to all clients.
So create EVENT set it to run on server (or multicast)
One warning, for that event to fire on server blueprints that call it must be owned by player.
Default place where it should always work is player controller.

Also before you go deeper into multiplayer, do session manager properly, like that one in shotout game example. Lacking proper joining for new players makes all kinds of little bugs and problems.

Input on the player controller.

Inputs send info to a Server event on the controller.

The server event triggers the multicasting.

That should work, as Nawrot mentioned.

Thanks, guys!

This got me started in the right direction. There were several missing pieces, the key one being that the torch Actor had to be replicated.