can't generate textures or import model after changing to ppi

So I changed one of my projects to the ppi version. All good so far I generated the texture and exported both model and texture after paying for the inputs. 

On inspection there were a couple of blurry patches on the texture, so I wanted to generate a couple of additional textures from specific cameras only.

I re opened the project and on hitting the texture button I get a ‘Operation failed’ message. No further explanation. So I try a couple of other cameras, - same thing. No further information etc. given, so I have no idea where this is coming from. I’ve also not changed anything since the last time I had the project open. So this does not make sense to me at all.

I thought, maybe somethung with the model itself has gone wrong in the software, so I tried to re import the geometry. (a re topologized version with a hand generated uv map) Same thing - operation failed!

Funny thing is - when I go back to an oder version of my project where it’s not ppi yet I can import models and generate textures as I please. But I can’t export it out without paying again…

I’d really need some help / answers here as the model needs to be finished. 

What is the reason I can’t generate textures, or import models anymore? 

Do I need to pay time and time again if I want to do those operations in the PPI version?

Where can I see a more comprehensive error log apart from  ‘operation failed’ (i’ve checked the console. There is no more info there either)

RC version RC running on win 10

many thanks and a happy new year in advance 

Hello dear user, please try to update to our latest version 10393 

and check whether it does the same thing again with the newer project. If it does then try to texture a model created inside of RC and not the retopologized one with manual UVs to make it clear what causes this issue.