Cant find get GameUserSettings node in BP?

As the title says, i cant find get game user settings node? I need this because i have a custom function in my custom game user settings
class that i want to call, so in order to call this function i have to cast to it and in order to cast to it i need to get
a reference or target to game user settings?

Or is there a better way i could do this?

What version of the engine are you using ? This was just exposed/added in 4.11.

BP support is a limited in 4.11 (for now). Ex: you can not create UserSettings object reference variables in blueprints.

I’m using 4.9.2 and its not showing up for me?

If i remember correctly, no UserSettings functionality was exposed to BP before 4.11, so you will have to expose it manually/create c++ functions to expose it to BP’s.