Can't find bolean variable from another blue print and other isues

i added a bolean variable in My character.
Then in my BP_portal ( pic 2 ) i made a portal for another level…and it works.
Now i need in my BP_portal to have what there’s in the third pic ( an image grabbed from a lesson ) but here comes the trouble.

Maybe is coz I have the latest 4.6 editor, but when i try to call the node " cast to my character " i have only the As my character instead of As my character c.

Plus, when i try to find the bolean variable ( pulling a rope from as my character ) i can’t find nothing.
Someone could tell me where i messed things? :smiley:

Yep, actually there are some changes in 4.6 with this stuff!
Now you can access only public/editable variables of other classes, even with casting.
It’s like in programming - variables and functions can be private(Only owner have access to, every variable you create is private by default) or public(You can access this data from other objects/actors).
To make variable public - simply click on little eye icon or “Editable” checkbox.
Also, if you fill out “Tooltip” field - your icon will shine with nice green background! :smiley:

Hi and thank you for your response :smiley:
According to you tips and the lesson i’m following i set up the BP_portal like in this pic.
I did wrong?