Can't figure way to calculate backwards jump montage

Hi! I’ve been setting a fairly simple system for lateral and frontal/backward dashes. I did this using the Direction i calculated inside my animation blueprint (Calculate direction node), and using branch nodes to determine the ranges of the angle in which i want my character to do the different dashes. The “play animation” function is one I created but that works fine i’ve tested it in many other parts of my code. All of the jumps work correctly except for the backwards one. When i press the button moving backwards there’s some hint like the character was going to do that but it never happens. It sure helps to know that with this set, pressing the button without any direction indication makes the character jump to the right for some unknown reason to me. Also, i want the character to jump backwards when not moving, so that’s where the first part comes from.

The animations, from up to down are “Frontal, backwards (the wrong one), right and left”. For the values i used those based on my blendspaces (maybe there might be the problem although i have tested many different values actually).

If any of you has a clue of why this might happen or even better, has some other way of setting this up, i’d be pleased to read that! Thank you in advance.