Cant figure out why game dont start from game


sooo i have this problem that if in unreal editor i press play i dont spawn in car but in some random place in air…
I have set the game mode and pawn and all this… Followed all tutorials i found but nothing helps…
I really appreachiate all help i can get…
Please answer asap… Need to finish my school project…
Thanks to all how answer


You will need to provide some more information. What game mode are you using, what pawn are you using, where have you placed your player start, what template are you using? People can’t help without knowing what you have done.

thanks for answering… im using the same as it is in vehicle starter content- gamemode: VehicleGameMod pawn: sedan
start place is in my car (under).

You need to put so much info as possible into here, if you need quick help.
Thats the reason i suggested you to open a thread, because i am low on english and you are low on info, thats a bad combination, to get quick help.
You are welcome :slight_smile:

soo what do you need… i followed more tutorials but still no help